About company
Quality business solutions have a direct impact on productivity. What influences the bottom line, creates the value of an offer? Understanding the market situation, a human-centric approach in marketing and intelligent management standards. Modern business is not just about money and profit. It is people, their attitude to the brand and new habits. It is good to have a trusted partner nearby - a consultant who can assess the situation from the outside, find the right solution, and solve the problem.
The international consultancy PAnDiKubiz is a team of professionals, specialists in marketing, strategic planning, logistics and operational policy for B2B.

One of the key activities of PAnDiKubiz Cyprus is a multi-factor audit of client company development opportunities in global markets. Our specialists conduct comprehensive and systematic studies of the impact of individual factors of a client's business on the final performance of his company.
The main purpose of such business analysis is to find new management solutions, to make point-by-point structural changes, and to increase company's revenue. The full-cycle methodology helps to determine the most effective promotion strategies.

PAnDiKubiz company conducts comprehensive market research. Analyses marketing strategies, monitors sales statistics. We studies the market, competitors, consumers, market trends and technological opportunities to help its clients create a competitive edge.
Based on the data obtained, the company's consultants develop individual solutions for optimizing the marketing strategy of the client's company and provide recommendations for improving the sales chain.

PAnDiKubiz marketing provides consulting services in marketing, strategic planning, logistics, management and operational policy. The company's experts advise clients on: marketing planning, strategy changes, business process optimisation.

How effective is your business marketing strategy? What do you need to change in the structure of your business in order to increase sales? The company's specialists carry out a marketing audit and assess your sales chain, develop a comprehensive advertising strategy and support contracts.

Advice on the organisational structure includes analysis of the current structure of the client company and a set of solutions for optimising or even reorganising its business processes, departments and units. The result is an increase in productivity and profitability.

In order to identify the key features and differentiate the customer's products, PAnDiKubiz company conducts an in-depth product audit, analysing market needs. This helps to identify the target audience and the channels through which information can be effectively communicated to customers.
The company provides comprehensive logistics services tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Together with our tried and trusted partners, we arrange transport and escort services. Our comprehensive service package includes: route optimisation, international shipping, customs clearance and cargo insurance.,

The company's specialists provide contract support services and advice on legal issues and legal aspects of the business.