Corporate Social Responsibility
The problems of climate change facing humanity have so far deteriorated exponentially. It has become unethical in today's business world to discuss business and profits without reference to environmental issues, zero emissions, environmental protection, principles of sustainable development.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a concept has gained significant traction over the last few decades. Companies want to benefit society, not just make a profit. Many incorporate CSR into their business models.
Drinking Water
785 million people on the planet have a problem with clean drinking water. PAnDiKubiz company is involved in a project to build cloud-based systems to process massive amounts of data to come from remote sensors installed on pumps in countries with climate problems.

PAnDiKubiz specialists have long been consultants to projects that are developing and scaling low-carbon technologies.
Every year 150 billion things are produced around the world that are related to our wardrobe and clothes! Waste-free production in the textile industry is one of the activities PAnDiKubiz is engaged in. Retail and wholesale in the fashion and sporting goods industry create a huge problem, creating mountains of waste every year.

PAnDiKubiz company advises projects that develop tracking systems and analyse value chain data in the textile and apparel industry.
Waste-free production
For several years PAnDiKubiz Cyprus has been advising agricultural companies which grow organic cotton without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The companies have been able to significantly reduce the environmental impact of cotton production in the area in which they operate. PAnDiKubiz company supports environmental campaigns and advises on the protection of public lands and national parks.
Agricultural companies
PAnDiKubiz company makes maximum use of digitized documentation. After the company implemented the principle of a paperless office in all areas of the company, we encourage our employees to use digital tools for communication and record-keeping. We have thus succeeded in reducing the use of paper in accounting, legal and HR departments as much as possible. Energy-saving lighting and heating systems in our offices have significantly reduced energy consumption and costs.
PAnDiKubiz has partnered with a non-profit organisation to restore forests in deforested areas. This fairly successful initiative helps to restore natural landscapes, contributing to carbon sequestration and reducing the impact on climate change. To contribute to environmental initiatives, we organise volunteer events.

Recognising the systemic risks of climate change, most investors are demanding openness about environmental impacts, disclosure of production processes and emission reductions. Businesses fear 'losing face': shareholders now care equally about financial performance and environmental sustainability.
Paperless office
39% of CEOs of the world's biggest companies are participating in Race To Zero, a sustainable urban and regional zero-carbon recovery campaign.

One in four CEOs globally (24%) prioritise short-term investments in developing new sustainable products. 69% of CEOs globally are investing in fail-safe manufacturing, creating new jobs and opening inclusive programmes.

PAnDiKubiz has been in the consulting business for a year now and works hard to promote the idea and values of corporate social responsibility. We contribute to caring for the environment. By promoting sustainable business practices among our clients, by implementing sustainable practices in our own activities, and by participating in environmental projects, PAnDiKubiz strives to be an example for others, making our own contribution to a cleaner future for our planet.
Race To Zero