The international consultancy PAnDiKubiz company has been successfully expanding large companies and small start-ups worldwide for a number of years, providing clients with successful solutions in marketing, strategic planning, logistics, and operations policy. Optimization of business processes, development of integrated strategies for advertising campaigns, brand development, promotion of new products and services, multimodal cargo transportation, logistics and delivery solutions - all these are successful cases of PAnDiKubiz Cyprus specialists.

Our specialists implement innovations, optimize work processes, develop effective management systems, advise on improving the organizational structure of the enterprise management.

Tailored solutions for business development and forecasting models built by PAnDiKubiz specialists allow for a point estimate of demand and calculate the possible popularity of certain products on the market in the future.
Organizing the transport of goods
Our values define us. In a globalised world where globalisation plays a key role in the economy, the right logistics solutions save money and ensure the safe delivery of goods. Suppliers and buyers on different continents face the same problems. Delays, damage, high costs and other issues related to delivery logistics result in material losses and image damage. How can I optimise my freight transport processes?
Advice on the organisational structure of a company
The structure of a company can become a brake on and hinder development. Even a small, profitable business sooner or later starts to change, scale and grow.
Problems begin when a business expands or changes its operations. The work of new departments, offices and divisions needs to be adjusted. If the structure and business processes do not change, organisational chaos awaits sooner or later. Dealing with it while in the midst of it is very difficult.
Developing a comprehensive advertising campaign strategy
The market is a living organism; consumer behaviour, preferences and habits have a huge impact on business. Where once it was possible to talk about the plans of a business for months and years, today it is necessary to constantly adjust its structures to spontaneously changing external factors. In the age of digital transformation, any marketing strategy is a kind of derivative of the entire marketing mix.
Tailor-made solutions for business development
In our ever-changing world, companies have to react quickly to change and remain flexible. A good product or a bright idea will not make your business successful. The right strategy, customer management and business process automation play an important role. PAnDiKubiz consulting company offers tailor-made solutions to grow their business, helping clients achieve the results they want.
Contract support
The negotiations were successful. The parties negotiated the terms of the deal, agreed on a price and came to a common denominator. What next? As in recent years most business negotiations have been taking place online, the completion, or rather the execution and signing of the contract has to be done after the video conference is switched off.
Marketing audit and evaluation of the sales chain
Sales decline, loss of market share, declining margins, complaints about sales staff. Faced with problems of this kind, managers often fall into the trap of "crisis management". Not wanting to go deeper into the problem, he takes quick-fix solutions not backed up by analysis: they launches a new product urgently, refuses to sell any goods, lowers prices and tries to drastically reduce production costs. At the same time, the underlying and fundamental problems of the business remain unattended and ignored, realising that sooner or later many things will have to be changed. Precious time is being wasted by allowing the "ostrich policy" to take place.
Conducting research. A reputation audit
Finding new partners in a country thousands of miles away no longer seems like a daunting task in the age of internet and mobile communications. Negotiating, writing letters, choosing goods, bargaining and haggling over prices can all be done without moving from behind a desk. But, when signing long-term agreements, it is advisable to be 99.9% sure that your partners are honest. You want to know that there are "real" people on the other side of the screen and that they have a real and tangible commodity. Who are these people? Are they successful in their market? What is known about them?
Conducting training sessions, presentations and negotiations
The successful conclusion of difficult negotiations, an original question at a press conference or the effectiveness of training is the merit of those who have prepared these events, meticulously going over every step of the way.

Preparing a press conference is not a one-day affair. Working with speakers, finding opponents, organising the media, dealing with sensitive issues and coordinating crisis communication - all this is a professional job undertaken by PAnDiKubiz company.