Organising the transport of goods
Our values define us. In a globalised world where globalisation plays a key role in the economy, the right logistics solutions save money and ensure the safe delivery of goods. Suppliers and buyers on different continents face the same problems. Delays, damage, high costs and other issues related to delivery logistics result in material losses and image damage. How can I optimise my freight transport processes?

PAnDiKubiz company deals with multimodal transportation, complex transportation of both full loads and assorted loads by air, sea and land under contract with a single carrier. Our logistics specialists calculate and select the least costly and most efficient mode of transportation depending on the type of cargo and the route required. In case a customer wishes to deliver several shipments to the same place at the same time, we combine them and send them via the optimum route at the lowest cost.
PAnDiKubiz organises the transhipment of the goods and the associated paperwork. Our partners are time-tested and we ensure reliable transport at the best possible route and at the lowest possible cost.

Real-time shipment tracking is a popular service used by most PAnDiKubiz company's customers. You can be sure that your shipment will arrive on time.

PAnDiKubiz Cyprus knows how to make the shipping process as convenient and efficient as possible. Our specialists:
- Analyze and devise the optimal route from customer's warehouse to the consignee's warehouse
- Organize the documentation package necessary for delivery. The list depends on the type of goods, mode of transport and other factors
- Assist with Customs formalities: advice, duties and taxes.
- Keeping the client informed of the movement of cargo up to the consignee's warehouse.
- We cooperate with world leading airlines and container shipping lines from South and North America, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Europe.
Modern business demands constant development, you need to adapt to changing market conditions. We provide bespoke solutions and take a non-standard approach to each client. Integrated Logistics Outsourcing is a new business line of PanDiKubiz company. It is a set of solutions for planning, management and control at all stages of the supply chain.

PanDiKubiz freight organisation includes:

- Planning the logistics process: calculation of resources, selection of the best route, determination of delivery methods and timeframes
- Managing the logistics process: coordinating delivery phases, tracking shipments, keeping customers informed of the delivery status
- Logistics process management: continuous monitoring of task performance, prompt response to arising problems, their solution and elimination

PanDiKubiz is committed to making logistics and goods transportation issues a routine matter for our customers. Our innovative approach keeps costs down and costs out. Regardless of where you choose to ship to, our company ensures your shipment arrives on time.
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