Advice on the organisational structure of a company
The structure of a company can become a brake on and hinder development. Even a small, profitable business sooner or later starts to change, scale and grow.
Problems begin when a business expands or changes its operations. The work of new departments, offices and divisions needs to be adjusted. If the structure and business processes do not change, organisational chaos awaits sooner or later. Dealing with it while in the midst of it is very difficult.
PAnDiKubiz marketing's expert analysts:
- Provide management advice to business owners and managers
- Carry out measures to streamline organizational structure
- Develop tailor-made solutions for regular management systems

PAnDiKubiz specialists consult clients on improving organizational structure, optimization of business processes, and effective management systems. The current status of the organization is analyzed, its strengths and weaknesses are identified. The customer receives a detailed plan and recommendations on how to improve organizational structure and optimize business processes.

The most common problems with the overall structure of the company are
- ambiguity in distribution of powers and responsibilities between the company's top managers
- duplication of the same functions by several departments
- informal connections, manipulation and close proximity to management in the company structure
- Absence of a clear hierarchy on many levels
- double subordination
An important step in organisational consulting is to understand the goals and strategy of the company. In cooperation with PAnDiKubiz Cyprus consultants, the top management of the company determines the order of reorganization of the structures, prioritizes the tasks and defines the business processes that should remain unchanged. Based on this data, the best options for the changed structure are determined, taking into account the client's needs.

In order to ensure that the client is able to implement the changes to their company structure correctly and without losses, the consultants help implement the updates they propose. This process includes: training of employees, preparation of the necessary documents and instructions, and evaluation of the new structure's effectiveness.

Maximum efficiency of the changes and the competitiveness of the business are the main goals of PAnDiKubiz marketing when advising and optimising the organisational structure of the customer's company.

If a company has several overlapping positions and inefficient business processes, we can propose a new organisational structure. Reducing some departments and redistributing responsibilities among the remaining employees increases efficiency and reduces decision-making time. The result is cost savings and a reduction in overall business costs
Advice on organisational structure takes place in several stages:

- Organisational Structure Analysis: PAnDiKubiz Cyprus carries out a detailed analysis of the current company structure in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to offer the most effective solutions for optimizing the organizational structure.
- Development of a new organizational structure: our specialists design the optimal organizational structure that will better meet the objectives and needs of the company.
- Change support: PAnDiKubiz marketing is with the client in all phases of change at their company, helping to implement the new organisational structure and ensuring the intended results.
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