Marketing audit and evaluation of the sales chain
Sales decline, loss of market share, declining margins, complaints about sales staff. Faced with problems of this kind, managers often fall into the trap of "crisis management". Not wanting to go deeper into the problem, he takes quick-fix solutions not backed up by analysis: they launches a new product urgently, refuses to sell any goods, lowers prices and tries to drastically reduce production costs. At the same time, the underlying and fundamental problems of the business remain unattended and ignored, realising that sooner or later many things will have to be changed. Precious time is being wasted by allowing the "ostrich policy" to take place.
A thorough and regular marketing audit shows a company its place on the market, identifies new trends and assesses the value of both the company and its services or products.

A marketing audit allows you to take an objective and systematic look at your business processes, identify barriers and opportunities for growth, and build the right promotion strategy. It gives information about what products and services are in demand on the market, to what target group the offer should be directed, what communication channels to use for promotion, and what obstacles may arise while promoting products on the market.
Analysing a company's marketing capabilities and monitoring the sales process is crucial to developing effective growth strategies.

A marketing audit reveals:
  • lack of knowledge about the behaviour and needs of customers and the target audience
  • inability to effectively segment markets
  • lack of marketing planning procedures
  • price reduction instead of volume increase
  • lack of market procedures for product evaluation
  • lack of understanding of the company's marketing strengths
  • short term and ineffective promotion methods
  • misconceptions about the role of marketing in advertising and sales
  • inconsistency or obsolescence of organisational structures
  • insufficient investments in development

PAnDiKubiz marketing specialists diagnose the current situation of the client company in terms of its development prospects. By looking at a company's Asset and Competence Based Marketing (ACM) we take a holistic view of assets (brands, property, databases, trade marketing, supply chain and cash flow) and competencies (skills created by staff, both individually and in groups). ACM divides the 'strengths' that the SWOT analysis looks at into two key elements.

The audit should cover the entire marketing environment of a company, looking at its goals, strategies and activities in a holistic way.
PAnDiKubiz Cyprus identifies three key elements of a marketing audit:
  • Detailed analysis and monitoring of the external environment and internal situation
  • Objective review and evaluation of past and present activities
  • Clear identification of future opportunities and threats.
Marketing audit includes analysis of: marketing strategy, target audience, messaging, branding and advertising campaigns. We study the internal and external factors affecting the client company's marketing performance. We analyse strengths and weaknesses, the competitive environment and market trends.

Study of the competitive environment enables us to discover the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, assess their marketing strategies and identify trends and changes in the industry which may affect the company's business.

Target audience analysis allows you to find out who the company's target audience is, what their needs and problems are, what their preferences and behavioural patterns are. This information allows you to develop more effective marketing campaigns and improve customer interactions.

PAnDiKubiz Cyprus analyses sales processes in the client's enterprise, from lead generation to conversion. We study customer experience, metrics and KPIs. We evaluate the effectiveness of sales strategies and tactics and identify areas for improvement.

Changing processes in an already established business is quite a challenge. PAnDiKubiz marketing provides ongoing support, helping our clients to effectively implement new strategies and tactics in their business. PAnDiKubiz finds prospective partners, prepares deals, helps negotiate, and takes the business to the next level.
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