Conducting training sessions, presentations and negotiations
The successful conclusion of difficult negotiations, an original question at a press conference or the effectiveness of training is the merit of those who have prepared these events, meticulously going over every step of the way.

Preparing a press conference is not a one-day affair. Working with speakers, finding opponents, organising the media, dealing with sensitive issues and coordinating crisis communication - all this is a professional job undertaken by PAnDiKubiz company.
Training sessions are an effective tool for managing and enhancing the professionalism of employees and the development of the business as a whole. Motivational and professional trainings are carried out both internally for employees and for clients. Internal training programmes help strengthen team spirit and create a shared corporate culture. External training sessions help to attract new clients and strengthen relationships with existing clients. Packaging expertise into an online course without specialist knowledge can be difficult and time-consuming.

PAnDiKubiz consulting company is dedicated to organising trainings that are built on the interests and needs of the audience. Experienced coaches of our company determine the goals and objectives of the training, coordinate them with the needs of the customer, develop practical cases, prepare interactive tasks for the participants, adapt the material according to the level and experience of the participants.

The organisation of offline trainings requires the same energy input as the preparation of the offline version. In the first case, in addition to organising the event, it is necessary to rent premises, prepare equipment, and accommodate participants. In the case of the online format, after working on the topic and choosing a platform, you need to think about what equipment you will need for quality video and sound. Rental of cameras, microphones, lighting, location for shooting - all this requires additional costs, they need to be taken into account.
PAnDiKubiz specialises in providing professional negotiation support of various kinds. Our team includes experienced negotiators who know how to assess the situation quickly and clearly.

When preparing for negotiations PAnDiKubiz takes a holistic approach, breaking down most tasks into smaller subtasks. We gather information about the counterparty, study its strengths and weaknesses, and analyse its negotiating style. A study of market trends, economic and political factors allows us to prepare arguments on problematic issues that may affect negotiations. Based on the information obtained, PAnDiKubiz consulting company develops a negotiation strategy, adapting it to the specific circumstances and environment.

We not only prepare the negotiations, but also conduct them on behalf of the client. An important element of any negotiation is its emotional and psychological dynamics: communication style, body language and tone of the participants.

PAnDiKubiz consults and provides services for press conferences, forums and other business events. Our team includes experienced communicators who create dynamic, engaging, interactive and visually appealing presentations. Traditional and boring PowerPoint slides are a thing of the past! We use multimedia tools and techniques that allow us to make not only informative, but fun and interesting presentations.
Our company is committed to ensuring that any of its clients gets the most out of our cooperation, PanDiKubiz consulting services are:
  • negotiation concept elaboration and budget approval
  • preparation of the training / press conference concept
  • external environment analysis
  • development of negotiation strategies: information gathering, research of market trends, economic and political factors
  • selection of experts and speakers
  • preparation of the offline format: rental of premises and equipment, development of speaker and negotiation plans
  • preparation of the online format: topic development, platform selection, equipment rental, video and sound quality requirements
Other PanDiKubiz's services