Forecasting and assessing a company's potential
How to assess a company's viability and potential? How to predict profits? What can cause losses?

Estimating the future of a business idea is difficult. You need to consider the risks, estimate the resources required to launch and grow your business, and study the effects of the external and internal environment.

Projecting profits and losses helps objectively assess the growth potential of a project, its reliability and sustainability. The forecast is usually based on projected turnover, fixed costs and variable costs. It is considered in 3 scenarios: optimistic, pessimistic and realistic.
The most commonly used indicators for performance evaluation and comparison of actual figures with projected figures are as follows:
  • Break-even point: shows at which turnover revenues begin to offset fixed costs, after which the company begins to make a real profit.
  • Marginal rate: allows knowing the rate of return per unit of product (product, service) according to the related direct and indirect costs.
  • Earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation: allows you to measure a company's future profitability.

Assessing the viability of a company
In order to assess the viability of a company, an analysis of its financial condition must be carried out. Examine: current assets, profitability, liquidity, market conditions, inflation rates, interest rates.

Evaluation of company's potential
SWOT-analysis allows to determine internal strengths and weaknesses of the company, to determine ways of development, taking into account its opportunities and potential threats. It should consider the actual market position of the company, level of its competitors and its marketing competence.
Profit forecasting
Trend analysis makes it possible to determine trends in a company's development and use this information to forecast profits in the future.

Causes of company losses
What can cause a company to lose money? More often than not, companies start losing money because of a decline in demand for their products, which can be caused by external factors. A change in market demand, a change in consumer preferences or the emergence of new competitors.

A company may suffer losses because of poor management decisions, increased production or transportation costs. Rising prices of raw materials or energy, higher taxes or charges, changes in legislation, ineffective management - all these factors reduce profitability and increase costs.
How can you avoid losses and secure profits?

PAnDiKubiz Cyprus specialists advise on effective company management, it includes: optimization of production processes, cost reduction, development of effective marketing strategies.

PAnDiKubiz helps clients diversify their business, develops individual concepts for changing the range of products, selects new partners, and searches for investors.

Predicting a company's profit and loss is an important tool to assess its viability and potential. It is important to react quickly to any changes in the market and to be ready to quickly adapt the business strategy to new conditions by introducing non-standard solutions and non-trivial developments.
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