How to boost self-discipline
Business is hard work. It is much more difficult than being an employee. But in both cases, self-discipline is necessary to achieve success. And in business its role is much more important.

There is no great achievement without self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to do what you need to do, whether you want to or not. This is the opinion of the world expert in the field of success psychology, Brian Tracy, with the help of whose materials we have written this article for the blog of the consulting company PAnDiKubiz.

Why are some people capable of incredible achievements and rise to unprecedented heights? Of course, everyone is influenced by different factors, but all successful people are united by one quality - self-discipline. It helps to develop all other qualities and to master all skills. It is important in all areas of human activity: business, science, sport, etc. Fortunately, self-discipline is a quality that can be learnt.
Tip #1. Reserve time.
Set aside at least 15 minutes a day to work on your goals. Reserve this time in your schedule in advance. Treat it like an important meeting that you can't miss and need to be on time for. You may think that 15 minutes is not a lot of time. But in reality, you will spend 7 hours in a month to achieve your goal. In a year, 84 hours. That's more than two full working weeks. Set aside these small amounts of time and don't look for excuses or justifications. If you do this regularly, you will gradually work your way towards your goal.

Tip #2. Find a controlling partner.
This is a powerful way to boost your self-discipline. Such a partner is someone who is aware of your goal and will help you focus on it. He or she can check in with you regularly to make sure you don't get off track. Why is a check-in partner useful? Because many of us find it easier to do worse to ourselves than to let someone down. If you keep your goals secret, no one will know if you are moving towards them. But if you tell someone about them, you will have to tell them that you are not progressing. This is why such a partner will help you take action and not give up. Ask a friend or colleague to be your checker. As an option - you can share your plans with participants in social networks. And then report back to them. This method is actively practised by the managers and founders of PAnDiKubiz Cyprus.

Tip #3. Eliminate temptations.
Developing self-discipline takes effort and energy. Help yourself by removing any temptations that could distract you from your chosen path. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, remove unhealthy foods from your desk and fridge. If you need to cut back on spending, budget for the essentials and put the rest away. It's better not to waste energy resisting things that distract us. Create an environment that doesn't tempt you.
Tip #4. Do the hardest things first
Do the most difficult tasks first. If you start the day with them, all the other tasks will seem easy. Use this method to prioritise your tasks.

Tip #5. Remind yourself of your purpose
The most successful people have a purpose and a design. They focus all their energy on their priorities and don't waste time on useless activities. It might seem that this requires some kind of overwork. But all these people simply know how to use self-discipline and remember the underlying motivation that drives them forward. Ask yourself from time to time: 'What will my life be like if I achieve this goal?' and 'What will my life be like if I don't?' If you remember why you are working hard, you will find it much easier to focus on achieving your goal. Imagine the taste of victory. This will re-energise and energise you.

PAnDiKubiz Marketing's professional coaches and managers will help you analyse and set the right priorities and goals for self-discipline and business growth.
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