How talented your executive is

What is the difference between a talented manager and a good manager? Why are some bosses real leaders of their teams, while others fail to shake them up? Experts from the consulting company PAnDiKubiz talked about the characteristics of managers.

An enthusiastic team
The emotional state of employees has a significant impact on the productivity of their work. A talented manager knows how to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the team. The best way to do this is to have a person who is on fire and systematically working towards goals. Such an emotional state of mind charges people and they work with enthusiasm. Subordinates are inspired by this person and his or her attitude to business. Emotions give energy. Inspiration gives power to create, to overcome difficulties, etc. People follow a leader who knows how to inspire.

If the team is inactive, then perhaps the boss is not fully fulfilling his role. This does not mean that he is a bad leader. The ability to inspire helps to get the best results from the team. This is what distinguishes a talented leader from a merely good one.
Employee autonomy
Autonomous employees do not need much attention from the manager. They are able to set goals, plan and work to achieve them. Talented managers know how to create this atmosphere by delegating responsibility. They are able to organise the work process so that there is no need to control every step of their subordinates.

Of course, there will be times when an employee who has been delegated makes the wrong decisions. A talented manager sees these mistakes and works with the subordinate. With his hints and instructions, he ensures that the employee stops making mistakes and learns to find the right solutions. When setting a task for a subordinate, such a manager gives him some freedom of choice and "credit" for mistakes. In order for people to learn, gain experience and become responsible, it is necessary to give them the right to make mistakes (within reasonable limits, of course).

Employees show initiative
They propose different ideas for the development of the company, express their vision of how to solve current problems, etc. Of course, not all ideas are successful. But the very fact of showing initiative is important here. It means that people are emotionally charged and want to work to achieve new results. At PAnDiKubiz Cyprus we value proactive employees.

Transparent reward system
People should understand what they are paid for and how much they are paid. The rules of the game should be clear to everyone. For example, 50% of the salary is a salary, 40% is a bonus for work done, and 10% is a bonus that depends on the performance of the whole team. Remuneration should depend directly on the result of the work, not on the mood of the manager. If this link is not clear and understandable, there will be problems in the team. This is because people will constantly feel unfair.
Growing a talented workforce
It is important for ambitious people to know that they have the opportunity to develop and progress within the company. Many of them are willing to sacrifice certain conditions in order to develop their careers. A good manager will find out about an employee's ambitions at the recruitment stage, think about a possible career path and development conditions. And informs the candidate of this. This does not mean that this person will get a great position. But a good manager should be able to assess an employee's potential and identify his or her strengths and weaknesses. At PAnDiKubiz we conduct interviews, tests and training for managers to help them properly assess the potential of employees and promote them.

If your talented employee is getting stuck in your department or company, you don't have to hold them back with all your might. Doing so will only slow down their development. Of course, no one wants to part with a great employee. Let them go, let them develop. And you will find a new ambitious person who is ready to give maximum effort in your company. This is what makes a great manager.
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